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This colourful village, which was declared an ethnographic and architectural site, is one of the finest examples of natural architecture in the Canary Islands . It is without doubt an area of big contrasts, rising against all odds thanks to the kindness of nature and man's hand. Even though access to this place is rather difficult, efforts are crowned by the satisfaction of having met the needs emanating from people's eagerness to get to know the unknown.

It has become one of the most colourful areas in Tenerife , whose northwest top is covered with Teno mountains.

This protected area is surrounded by ravines intertwined by green vegetation subduing even the calmest visitors, because the challenging beauties of a benevolent atmosphere are part of an environment where curved roads, such as Buenavista del Norte, interconnecting narrow paths, lead to inhospitable spots.

Masca was until a few years ago a practically unknown place and now it has become a centre of attractions for those travelling around the island.

The magic of modern-time architecture gives the landscape a magic touch as it has taken over this town, where houses are fancifully hanging from the narrow gullies made up of dramatic rocky formations.

Masca is a heavenly place, which has won a reputation for having been a pirates' hideout, a fact that is part of the beautiful legends about the whole island.

Its small Bay is one of the most singular attractions in a place full of charm and mystery where many beautiful spots incite visitors to constant exploration.


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